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    Founded in 1979, Dongguan TR Bearing Co.,Ltd is now located in No.3, Jinfu Er Lu, Huanan Industrial Park, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, covering an area of 60,000 m2.

    Specializing in ball bearing units, we have leading procedures of heat treatment, grinding and assembling, along with comprehensive and precise testing technologies and equipments.

    We are also the authorized Guangdong Provincial Bearing Engineering Technology Research and Development Center and Enterprise Technological Center, a domestic front-runner in product development, performance design and testing, bearing technique, testing technology research, etc.

    Our technological center lab is certified by National Accreditation Service, with the ability to test, analyze and study bearing performances.   

    We are always holding the theory of constantly promoting and improving the brand on the basis of management and quality. We believe that high quality products depend on a complete quality management system, strict controls over each part of production, advanced processing machines, exquisite techniques, precise testing methods and efficient management.

    TR brand ball bearing units are prominent products in Guangdong, while TR is certified as a well-known brand in Guangdong. In 2011 TR was recognized as Chinese Famous Brand by National Administration of Industry and Commerce.

    Our main products include ball bearing units and spherical roller bearings, with a wide range of over 2000 items and annual production capacity of 9 million pieces, and are applied to the industries like ventilation, agriculture, logistics, construction, port transportation, engineering and minerals.

    Not only do we have big market shares in China, more than 50% of our products also go to Europe, North America, Australia, South East Asia, South Africa, etc., making us a well-known brand in both domestic and export markets.

    We sincerely welcome all customsers from home and abroad for cooperation.

    Heat treatment production line

    Automatic ring grinding and super grinding production line


    Automatic assembly line


    Up-to-date storage system